16 Mar 2023

The best of Made in Italy for the first time on display in Laos, in South-East Asia where the capital Vientiane, from 16th to 18th March 2023, was the venue of the first fair organized to bring together some selected Italian suppliers with local partners. Sireg Hydros took the opportunity to show its know-how in the design and production of water treatment plants for civil and industrial use in an economic context of strong growth at pre-pandemic levels.
Several B2B meetings were held at the fair and Sireg Hydros catched great attention, in particular, on the innovative Ultrafiltration technologies that could be applied in the purification of the Mekong river waters.
Laos is a small state - it counts 8 million inhabitants in a territory that corresponds to half of Italy - but with great openings and development perspectives, at a time when, in the rest of the world, the GDP is halving.
Therefore, a scenario of synergies and innovation for forward-looking and qualified companies is expected in South East Asia.

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2016 - Ultrafiltration plant, UF - 1500 T/D


2021 - Brackish Water treatment plant


2016 - Desalination Plant cap. 1000 T/D

Sri Lanka