26 Jun 2023

Sicilian hair cosmetics company RICA also chooses Sireg Hydros for the production of ultra-pure water for its products based on flowers, fruits and volcanic water from Sicily. For the beauty sector, water is the main element of cosmetic preparations, and can make up to 95% of liquid or dense compositions, as we learn from the INCI list (international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients). This fundamental element must meet precise chemical-physical requirements and have a high degree of microbiological purity, to be mixed with the ingredients that make a company unique and recognisable. In the case of RICA, water made ultra-pure thanks to Sireg Hydros is, for example, mixed with aromas of natural and vegetable origin from Sicily such as blood orange, sage, mint, rosemary and caper.

Beauty and purity all made in Italy: the reality based in Belpasso (Catania), traditionally attentive to the valorisation and respect of the territory with its Responsible Beauty philosophy, has turned to Sireg Hydros to have the best in the treatment of the element at the basis of its production. The Brianza-based company, with over thirty years of experience in the water treatment sector, designed, manufactured and installed a customised 'double step' reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation (EDI) system to obtain ultra-pure water (UPW).

Sireg Hydros is considered a trusted reference by numerous Italian and international cosmetic, pharmaceutical, photographic, electronic and chemical industries. The company's flagship is its ability to interpret every challenging requirement with competence and the ability to innovate, remaining at its customers' side over the years

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