09 Mar 2016

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, a former Spanish colony, was proclaimed in 1976 and is nowadays still partially recognized at international level. It has an area of 266,600 sq km, between Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Atlantic Ocean. In this territory, inflamed by war and exhausted from aridity, the water emergency is a daily problem for indigenous people, part of whom is forced to live in tents in refugee camps.

To bring practical help to these lands, Sireg Hydros collaborated with the non-profit organization Associazione Tempora, actively intervening to make water potable in the Sahrawi refugee camps (Algeria), a mainly desert zone where the scarce water present is completely salty. The project, in addition to the search for drinking water through the geological analysis of the territory, led to the design and manufacture of a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, supplied together with the relevant technical assistance and field training.


Progetti e Referenze

2021 - Design & manufacture of no. 13 dosing systems


2012 - Sea Water Desalinator HYDROS® SWP 1000 T/D – 500 T/D


2021 - Sea Water Treatment no. 2 Plant cap. 200 tons/day each for potable use